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Culture & Heritage

Culture and Heritage are two things that need to be preserved at any cost. It is more like an identity of every individual.

World Heritage

Climate change is one of the important issues that the entire world is facing. Raising your voice and taking the necessary steps to prevent it is mandatory.
Cultural landscapes need to be preserved because they provide people with a lot of information about the culture of the locality.
It is one of the topics that have been debated for a long time. We are taking all the efforts to find the exact truth behind it.

Heritage Learning


Local History Investigation

Local history is very important. There are possibilities the finding from the local history might reveal a lot of things that we have no idea about.


World Heritage and Museums

We make it a point to collect and preserve the best art from the eminent names in the field.

                                                                                      Secondary Glazing For Heritage Windows

There are numerous choices to make before employing a secondary glazing business to set up your windows. This is sometimes utilized as a substitute for double glazing that includes the removal and replacement of windows.
Most period or historical windows won’t stop the reduction of heat in the home. Secondary glazing is intended to keep the warmth in and the sound out. They’ll continue to keep a comfortable temperature inside your house in addition to a fantastic peaceful atmosphere to live in. We can assist you to enhance the comfort of your home by reducing sound and enhanced insulation through glazing. Home improvements like double or secondary glazing will decrease heat loss. Secondary double glazing for sash windows is an perfect solution since the inner units are sealed much superior than their span counterparts.
There are lots of distinct methods of sash window draught proofing however as far as we’re concerned the most effective manner is vidrogroup’s system.

Secondary glazing can be perfect for bay windows in which other window treatments aren’t possible.
A moist home can promote mold growth and fleas that could boost the possibility of illness. Think about the reasons why it could be beneficial to put in secondary glazing that also lessens the condensation and mold develop.
In case you cannot afford new double-glazed windows, then you could be considering a less costly workaround called secondary glazing. Secondary glazing delivers the very best sound insulation – considerably outperforming double glazing. Secondary glazing may open in many different ways like vertical or horizontal sliders and hinge components to supply you with easy accessibility. It’s worth mention here you are able to stretch from second or first floor without so much as affecting the outside ground.

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Online Cultural Heritage Exhibition

Witness one some of the greatest findings and get a lot of information about the history and heritage of people from various parts of the world.