Archaeological Discoveries

I am enlisting down the fascinating archaeological discoveries from 2018. They were the most surprising amongst all and made an effect on the number of innovations which might come into light in the future.

Massive Sarcophagus;

There was a solid black colored sarcophagus found, buried deep under the ground with a skeleton of a woman and two of men. After analyzing them carefully, the women were in her 20s and men in their 30s. The woman had some jewelry on, around her neck. It is still skeptical how did they reach there in the very first place, but with snake inscription on the women’s necklace might depict something, which can only be known after more studying.

Ancient comics;

A comic was discovered from a tomb from the 2nd century. It has some inscriptions, depicting how it was to be there at the nearby city Capitolias. There were some creatures drawn of some gods, people and some animals. There was also an explanation with what exactly is portrayed through those pictures.

Viking sword in the Mediterranean;

The Viking sword was ascertained which is analyzed to be around 1000 years old. The sword gives out two possibilities, a soldier with the sword was stopped from entering a foreign land, or it belongs to a Viking who later settled into the city itself.

Human Faced Stone;

Found by a professor from Istanbul claims that the stone is not naturally carved into a human face but is intentionally carved into one. This is believed to be a significant discovery as it can result in more discoveries uncovering the pre-historic Istanbul times.

Clues of First Americans;

There was a DNA test held on a few samples of around 49 people from ancient times. As the tests carried it revealed many mysteries. The oldest fossil was found to be a sample from 11,000 years back. The studies show, there was a vast mobilizing of population occurred 9000 years ago, might be because of some event. And that event remains a mystery.

World’s oldest beer brewery;

According to recently discover a cave is found in Israel with meshed wheat and barley, which are essential for the brewing are located in the cave pits. The archaeologists believe that the beer was brewed 13000 years ago, for some funeral.

World’s oldest cheese;

How funky does this sound? A broken clay jar is found in Egypt, which is filled with cheese. The cheese is believed to be formed out of the cow’s, sheep and goat’s milk. The pot was found in the tomb of Ptahmes.

Massive Child Sacrifice;

The fossils of around 140 children along with 200 llamas was found in the regions of Peru. The children were analyzed to be between around5-11. It was studied that mostly no kid tried to escape, signs differ in case of llamas though. Few kids even were found with the sample, showing their hearts ripped off.

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