Heritage Day

World Heritage Day

World Heritage Day is celebrated on 18th April every year. I am very sure, not much of us remember this day. But this is as important as any other celebration. This day signifies the restored culture and heritage. It is a celebration of human heritage perseverance and for all the organizations linked along. The International Council of Monuments dedicated this day in 2016 to the individual efforts of preserving the heritage, maintaining the monuments and culture related together. UNESCO selects the heritages amongst the list submitted by all the countries, enlisting all the heritages, famous and unique in the historical and geographical significance. Monuments with strong archaeological background play a significant role in tourist enhancement. UNESCO has been doing the same, since 1983. The Idea of celebrating this day was originated in Saudi Arabia in 2013. The country celebrated this day as a celebration of human heritage and cultural preserve.

This day is also about spreading the awareness of how important it is to preserve the heritage who received an honor to be enlisted as pronounced heritage. The heritage sites are visible form of displaying the diversity in culture, how everything has evolved and what efforts are being taken to conserve them all.


Enlisting a few significant reasons, why we should celebrate this day:

We must appreciate the time and efforts the organizations put into to maintain and conserve the heritage sites. With all kind of population visiting the sites, every day there happens some damage, which requires time and money to repair.

It encourages people to preserve their culture and heritage. The world is as beautiful as diverse it is. The world is full of customs, traditions, and beliefs. These heritage sites preserve these cultures and beliefs in ancient times. They are the sites, standing still with all the believes and traditions to acquire.


These ancient sites have the most reliable way of telling the stories. These stories have a relevance proving them to be realistic and not fictional. With all the archaeological effects and historical events, the story becomes all the more fascinating. The children start admiring it more with all the artifacts preserved and the monuments to unveil and explore.

The heritage becomes a tourist site. It gives you a chance to explore the classic tales of ancient times. These sites let you see through the evolution taking place rapidly. It clearly shows the difference in architecture which has been adopted in time. With a diverse culture, it always stands still displaying the beauty of its own and saves it from diminishing with modern times.

When these sites, encourages the tourists, the city gets a source of income. With tourists, there comes a chance of increasing the business. Tourism always adds value to not only the site but also to the people nearby.